A Wicccaning For Baby

This Past “Ostara” I had the honor to officiate at my first Wiccaning for a baby. Id done more than a few for adult converts but had never had the pleasure of helping to bring a beautiful new soul into the fold. The following is the transcript and the certificate…

(Wiccaning) For the Child of Lady Iona, birth name, “Luna”


The full and complete explanation of the Wiccan name


“Astraia” also spelled “Astraea” (Goddess of the falling star) Greek Goddess of Justice

“Enid” also spelled “Ennead” (pronounced the same) double meaning 1st meaning “pure soul or life spirit” 2nd meaning a group of nine great Gods/Goddesses or advanced spiritual beings.

“MoonStar” simply combines her Birth name and an adaptation of Wiccan first name.

Thus her full and complete Wiccan name shall be: “Astraia Enid MoonStar” this is more than just a name it will furthermore be part and parcel of her calling and give her the strength and support that will be utilized more in her later years.

Moreover she is not to be guided by only one patron God/Goddess but that of (as her name revels) 9 advanced spiritual beings, these are: Archangel Metatron of Hebrew tradition. In that tradition, he is the highest of the angels and serves as the celestial scribe or “recording angel”, Egyptian God Amun Ra, He is the ultimate god of ancient Egypt; considered to be God of Kings and King of Gods! He is the oldest most worshipped ruler of ancient Egypt. Amun Ra means: Hidden Light (Amun = Hidden/ Ra = Light), Celtic Deity Lord Lough a member of the Tutha De Dannan also known as the shining one. He is associated with skill, crafts and the arts as well as oaths, truth and law, Greek God Apollo has been variously recognized as a god of music, truth and prophecy, healing, the sun and light, poetry, and more.  Calliope, chief of all Muses. The (muses) seek to inspire mortal beings with hidden talents and abilities as gifted by the eternal spirit, Astarte ancient middle eastern Goddess of both war and love with connection also to motherhood in a variety of cultures, Minerva Roman Goddess of poetry, medicine and wisdom, Welsh Goddess Elen of the ways the wild goddess, she is the heartbeat of the wild places and pathways. She is mysterious and hidden in the wilds of the earth to guide and guard all pathways therein, the Hindu Goddess Parvati the goddess of divine strength and power, love fertility and devotion.

The years ahead will be a bit troubled with both joy and sorrow, with abundance and impoverishment, with assistance and times left to own devices. However this is not portents of more of same to come but the struggle of something wonderful in times ahead, arising like the butterfly from the chrysalis! In the struggles of life making one stronger for the effort and becoming more than the sum of original parts. Great soaring strength, and magnificence of a time yet to come. New and burgeoning life of highest magnitude within grasp on this new earth still now birthing into being!!!

Witnesses: Priestess Maighread Birdsong, presiding clergy

Shaman MoonChild Garcia

James Smith community member

Karen Short-Miller community member

Lyra Gratiot community member

Romeo O’Hegan community member

Janine Brecon community member


Blessings offered…

MoonChild Garcia: I’m getting Silver Moon Rays, shining on her head. I’m to do something for her in my Taino tradition. May I Please have a moment? (HP response: Please do.)

“Atabey” is our Mother Goddess and she wishes for me to anoint her with Moon Ray energies before we proceed

Atabey instructed me to welcome this beautiful baby girl into the fold. She is not only amazing but part of the sacred silver light of the moon

Many are light workers, few are of the silver light circle

She is part of us, I will always be here for her. Guiding her, protecting her, shielding her as she learns and growsThis baby is extraordinary and has much to do. She will have/face many choices, but will never face them alone. Only others of the same Silver light will be able to recognize this powerful light in her and know who/what she truly is. I have been instructed by Atabey to join my energy with her, to help her understand her path when she feels no one else does

I’m so very honored to be part of this ceremony and “Lady Iona, please accept my BLESSING, PROTECTION & GUIDANCE for Astraia. So Mote it be!


Romeo O’Hegan: The echo of this precious life shall ever more be surrounded by love and light. May strength always stand beside her and the love of all those who surround her be akin to a rising sun upon every day of her life.  May she prism with the echo of celestial hues always. May the abounding joy of this child’s birth resound within thy soul always.  I send blessings of love, Protection, strength and compassion. So Mote it Be!


Sister Lyra: May she be blessed with beauty within as well as on the outside. May she walk in joy and peace. May she be a blessing to all she comes in contact with. Shine bright, little Sister Moon! So Mote it be!


Special “Mother’s Blessing” Lady Iona: I send blessings of love light prosperity happiness protection from all evil to come her way and most of all my love n my life when it comes down to it. So Mote it Be!

I would like you all to call her Moon Star for short please.

As it is the mother’s wish, Blessed be Moon Star!


So it is on this day of Ostara March 20th 2018.

HP Maighread Birdsong… Blessed Be!





The Moon

I look into the sky at night
When the moon is full and bright
On the moon so high above
I see the face of the one I love
His features are bright and clear
I close my eyes and he is near
I feel the warmth of his embrace
A tender kiss upon my face
I open my eyes the moment is over
And as my heart runs for cover
I turn again to face the moon
I know we’ll be together soon.